About us

Strawberry Antler is a digital agency that specializes in web design, digital advertising, website development, site maintenance, graphic design, SEO and all-things Webflow.

We thrive at developing creative websites and applications, that stand out, and convert more. We've been in your shoes, and know how difficult it is to run a successful business. One of the companies we founded was even personally funded by Mark Cuban. All that to say, we bring more to the table than just a website.

We're a BIG fan of the basics and customer usability. We choose straightforward, simple, personal, approachable websites over a creative overload of color, motion, and style.

In a study by Google, researchers found that not only will users judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th – 1/20th of a second, but also that “visually complex” websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts.

Founder | Strawberry Antler

Justin, co-founded venture backed logistics startup, Selery, Inc., in which he led the execution of strategic technology initiatives, including API integrations, merchant acquiring, funding, and metric analytics.

During Justin’s tenure, Selery grew from an idea to dynamic business and team, valued at $100M, with the backing of several prominent venture capital firms, including Mark Cuban. He was also nominated for D Magazine's CTO of the year.

Following Selery, Justin founded, the development agency Orange Cattle, which was successfully acquired in 2021.

Having successfully launched and gone through the insanity that is "the startup life", Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, jiu-jitsu, and being active in his local church.


Before we begin our journey together we need to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. We get to know you and your business with project questionnaires, phone conversations and in-person meetings.


Your business website is more than a pretty design. We see it as a powerful, profitable asset. We can now define our destination and develop a clear map for getting there. Applying our creative thinking, we craft clear strategies that differentiate your business and meet your objectives.

We provide you a site concept, wireframe or template based off the completed questionnaire, budget and previous discussions. Once you're happy with the direction of the project, and agree on the layout, we begin development.


Once the design has been signed off, we begin the final stages of the development process. With our brand identity in place, we work with our own creatives in collaboration with our extensive network to shape the best team for your project, using specialist knowledge to create ideal outcomes.


Once the website has been built, it is now ready for the content to be inserted into the website. We will provide you with dashboard access to upload images and copy throughout the build.


Hooray! Once all content has been inputted, we will then do a final set of tests and de-bugging on various browsers for compatibility before launch.

We get everything ready for you: Hosting (if you host with us) / SSL Certificate / Google Analytics / Basic SEO / Contact Form / Social Integrations